"An outstanding secondary teaching training provider" (ofsted 2016)

Case study: Meet Stacey, trainee teacher

Despite the huge changes posed by a global pandemic, it has been positive to see a rise in teacher training applications. It is hoped this may help to tackle teacher shortages, though there will of course remain challenges in place due to Covid-19 restrictions.

We know things are different but The OAKS is working hard to ensure trainee teachers have the same opportunities as their predecessors and are doing everything they can to support and empower this next wave of educators. Meet Stacey, she is a trainee teacher and after only two months shares an insight into her trainee teacher journey so far and her ambition to become an art teacher.

Hello! My name is Stacey, I am 21-year old teacher trainee with The OAKS. I have always dreamed of being a teacher, ever since I was little this is all I’ve ever wanted to be. My grandfather was a headmaster and my nan was a geography and computer science teacher, so I guess you could say it’s in my blood. However, I am training to be an art teacher which is quite different from their subject specialisms!

I’ve always been an artist, all my life seeing the explosion of colours and textures around me. I want to be an art teacher to share this with others, to explain to them that if they look deeper the world is so beautiful and that we shouldn’t take it for granted. Art is a powerful outlet that allows you to express intense emotions and be creative, for me it is the most important factor that affects a child’s development.

So, I’m almost two months through my course and I can honestly saying I love every aspect of it. I’ve been in my first phase placement school for just under a month and it’s fantastic, it was scary at first because I was quite nervous but The OAKS have provided me with so much support, every step of the way I’ve felt secure and that there is always someone to rely on. On a Wednesday when I’m not at my placement, I attend the university, this is a great way to not only build my knowledge of teaching strategies and all the other important teaching stuff, but also to socialise with my peers and talk to them about how they are getting on. It’s incredibly useful to build these relationships and to be able to share ideas! Being a teacher means you’re around children all day, every day, so having this break to chat and hang out with people my own age is a massive relief. 

So far The OAKS have taught me amazing things about being a teacher, they’ve made me realise that I can still have “Me-time” where I can sit in my garden doing some knitting with a glass of wine as long as I manage myself well, so work doesn’t need to take over my life. 

Reflecting upon my teaching journey so far, I couldn’t be happier. This is exactly where I always wanted to be and I am even more excited to see where it is going to go.