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Chemistry Teacher Training at the OAKS invites people from a variety of scientific backgrounds. Whether you have worked in the chemical industry, or are a recent graduate in Chemistry (or in a degree with a substantial element of which is Chemistry, such as Forensic Science, Biochemistry or Pharmacy) the course will allow you to develop your subject knowledge and pedagogy, ready to inspire young people in schools.

Chemistry is a core subject in Secondary Schools, forming one third of science taught to 11-16 year olds. Moreover, it is an exciting yet unique subject, as chemical ideas underpin everything that we know about the world, yet are not tangible and often cannot be seen. The use of practicals and demonstrations in a Chemistry lesson makes the subject stand out in young people’s minds, and the OAKS course will allow you to discover the best way to use such practicals to flourish your individual classroom style. You will explore the use of modelling, games and dance to teach the fundamental Chemical Concepts and how to make chemistry seem relevant to young people, all of which come together to create a simulating and safe learning environment. Sessions will be able to prepare you for handling different situations, since strategies for maintaining discipline and managing the learning in a Chemistry laboratory are considered and discussed.

While the course aims to help you meet the Standards which qualify you to teach, it also has wider horizons which encompass the Induction (Newly Qualified Teacher) Year and the early years of teaching. Many of our ex-Trainee Teachers progress rapidly through the profession so we provide you with an appropriate foundation in knowledge, skills and understanding for meeting the teaching, administrative and management demands which lie ahead.

To sum up, the course aims to help you become a competent, professional and, above all, creative teacher, capable of inspiring and developing the scientific enquiry within the young people with whom you have the privilege of working.

Chemistry trainee teachers are now eligible for the tax-free Training Scholarships and Bursaries of up to £28,000, with a possible further £6,000 in early-career payments for the 2020/21 academic year: click for further information