Case study: Michaela Grisdale

  • Training route: School Direct
  • Hub:
  • Current status: Early career teacher (ECT)

Whilst studying at university, I didn’t know I wanted to teach. After working at a summer camp in America with disadvantaged children, I saw the positive impact such support could have and knew I wanted a career where I could give something back. I relocated to Stoke-on-Trent after finding out I was expecting my little girl, where I successfully completed my undergraduate degree in physical education (PE), through distance learning.

“I love knowing I have made a difference. The small wins are what matter the most and my job is rewarding every day.”

Michaela Grisdale, ECT

Looking to get into teaching, I discovered The OAKS through UCAS. It appealed to me, as I felt it was vital to get as much experience within schools as possible. I applied and interviewed when I was around six months pregnant.

The unwavering support was the best thing about The OAKS programme and it got me through the training year. There was always somebody at the end of the phone or email to answer any queries or have a conversation, when I was not feeling my best or needed guidance and support.

I initially trained in PE, given my degree and prior knowledge, but I am now teaching mathematics and looking forward to learning new skills and improving my confidence by teaching a core subject.