Case study: Tom Tilsley

  • Training route: School Direct
  • Hub:
  • Current status: Early career teacher (ECT)

I was previously in the army and then the Royal Military Police, where I spent time on the digital forensics team for the Iraq investigation and for the Olympics. I always wanted to change lives. I heard many recruits talk about how poor their educational experience was and I really began to think I would like to change that. I then did a computer science degree and was so inspired by how my IT teacher captured our attention and brought lessons to life. I thought I could really do this and support young people/students who need it most.

“Nothing beats the moment when you see a student understand what you’re trying to teach them.”

Tom Tilsley, ECT

I found out about The OAKS from a “train to teach” event and joined The OAKS School Direct programme. I really liked how the course was structured and the different levels of support. I graduated from my computer science degree and started The OAKS course that September. The support you get is phenomenal – the team are just an email away. I’m really looking forward to taking what I’ve learnt in my PGCE and as an ECT, and perfecting my craft.