OAKS Subject Expert Day 2

The OAKS Subject Expert Day 2 took place on Wednesday 3rd November, with some sessions held at Keele and others in schools from around the partnership. As always, the trainees loved being with their subject colleagues and found this day really useful.

Valerie Bayley, the computing subject expert worked with her group of trainees on Programming including how to enthuse students in lessons.

Gary Anderson, one of our history subject experts was working with his trainees on how to plan lessons effectively about British public health and how it has changed through time, as well as a very pertinent and up-to-date session on epidemics through time!

Linda Lindan, RE subject expert, in a one-to-one session was discussing how to make students religiously literate.

One of our newest subject experts, Daniel Wilson taught the English trainees about fiction writing and feedback.

In drama, Emma James worked with her trainees on how to teach a range of genres at KS3 and 4. The trainees look like they are all thoroughly enjoying the practical session.

Craig Wass, our geography subject expert spent the day with his trainees teaching them about how to train students to think like geographers and how to teach geographical skills.

Duncan Skelding, PE subject expert, in a theory session worked with his trainees on teaching invasion games and showing progress in PE.

Our very own Kate Smith, MFL subject expert, had a range of food on hand during her SE day as she helped the trainees to develop their teaching of listening and speaking skills.

Meanwhile, at Walton High School, Stafford, Lisa Everill, our music subject expert worked with her trainees on successful and creative music teaching resources.

In business studies, Choe Law worked with her trainees on what explicit instruction looks like when teaching corporate strategy.

Art and design trainees worked with their subject expert Sarah Byatt, on ceramics and health and safety in the art classroom.

Holly Morgan, maths SE, worked on stretch and challenge and adaptive teaching strategies when teaching algebra.

In the chemistry lab, Meg Riley taught the trainees about what an effective lesson on bonding and structure looks like, and our physics subject expert, Jess Turner, worked on the topic “What do well-planned and well-taught lessons on forces look like, and how can we make them inspiring?”.

Lauren Taylor, our social sciences subject expert, based at Alsager School worked with her trainees on theoretical concepts as well as helping one trainee with her criminology teaching.

At Sir Graham Balfour Academy, Beth Collins worked with the biology trainees on the topic of cells, and also on planning practical lessons.

As always, our thanks to all of our talented and dedicated subject experts for making the day so useful and enjoyable for their trainees.