Assessment Only

For the Assessment Only (AO) route you need to consider if you meet the following basic criteria:

You would need to have had at least two years’ experience of teaching within a UK school of the appropriate age range, be in full-time employment in a UK school and have the agreement of the school you are employed and that they will be responsible for your training. That does not mean that the school has to fund you through the programme, at a cost of £3,450, but the school is actually the body responsible for your training, The OAKS acts as a quality assurance body for the award of qualified teacher status.

You would also need to:

  • Have GCSE English Language and Mathematics at C grade or above, or equivalents.
  • Have at least a 2:2 degree from a UK university, or have had any degree from a university outside the UK NARIC verified.
  • Have passed the Literacy and Numeracy QTS tests.
  • Have had a second teaching placement in another school. This could be either a block placement of between 3 and 4 weeks or a one day per week placement over a full term.
  • All the above must have been achieved/completed before you can start the AO assessment period.

Please contact Kirsty Pickin for further information.