Business studies

Business Studies

Business Studies sessions will firstly look at ways of teaching business studies content. This will focus on those topics which are difficult to teach and which students find the hardest to understand. This improves trainees’ subject knowledge in these areas. This is often tailored to the areas of weakness identified by trainees at the start of the course. However, typically these topics have included:

  • Critical path analysis
  • Decision trees
  • Corporate strategy – Porter’s Matrix and Ansoff’s Matrix
  • Porter’s five forces
  • Demand, supply and prices
  • Price elasticity of demand
  • International trade
  • Exchange rates
  • Cash flow

Each subject area will also be combined with a pedagogical theme. This examines the way in which these topics are taught and the reasoning behind the approaches taken. This helps to develop trainees’ skills as teachers. The pedagogical elements covered include:

  • Outstanding teaching in business studies
  • Modelling
  • Explanation
  • Introducing new topics to your students
  • Lesson planning
  • Cognitive science and its application to lesson planning
  • Differentiation
  • Teaching numerical concepts
  • Effective group work
  • Assessment for Learning

Please note, The OAKS is a secondary provider (Key Stage 3 to 4, the 11 to 16 age range), with a post-16 enhancement, with the exception of business studies and social science which are Key Stage 4 and 5 programmes (14 to 19 age range).