Subject Expert Day 2 – 09th November 2022

In Subject Expert Day 2, trainees from all subjects completed mini subject knowledge tests at the beginning of the session and SE’s addressed misconceptions resulting from this.  Some sessions were based at Keele and others at schools including Walton High School and Sir Graham Balfour Academy in Stafford.  As usual, the trainees loved working with their subject cohorts and Subject Experts and took part in a variety of engaging and interactive activities based on topics in their subjects.

Below are details of some of these sessions.


Subject Expert:  Jenny Nicholls (OAT Lead Practitioner).

SE day 2 started off with a subject knowledge retrieval practice type quiz based on the topic of the Normans.  Trainees went on to develop subject knowledge about Medieval History, examining substantive concepts that are commonly taught and where these would link to future Historical Enquiries.  They also investigated how History disciplinary concepts can be taught and how literacy can be developed through analysing lessons on a Medieval scheme of learning for this unit and make links between high expectations and good behaviour help improve learning for pupils in History.


Subject Expert: Valerie Bayley

The computing SE day was based on computational thinking and progression: what to expect from pupils at different key stages, with reference to current requirements.   They investigated how to teach the key concepts of algorithms and also how to teach the key concepts of programming using pseudocode.


Subject Expert: Duncan Skelding

Trainees started the second PE SE day with a retrieval practice style subject knowledge test and then investigated the concept that having secure subject knowledge can help teachers to motivate pupils and teach effectively.  They learned about assessment from learning practices (Tracking sheets, SIMS, SISRA and exam boards).


Subject Expert: Gemma Keen

In this session, trainees investigated how to use Geographical Enquiry to structure a successful lesson.  They learned how to plan for challenge in a lesson using 6 key principles of Challenge, Explanation, Modelling, Practice, Questioning and Feedback whilst addressing core concepts of criteria and causality.  This was achieved using the topics of Global Development and Hydrology and flooding.  Trainees enjoyed the interactive tasks of the session.


Subject Expert: Lisa Everill

In the second Music SE day, held at Walton High School in Stafford, trainees were taught about adaptive teaching strategies in Music as well as Health and Safety in the subject.  They investigated the use of modelling in lessons.  They also learned the basics in playing the Ukulele!


Subject Expert: Holly Morgan

Trainees investigated what stretch, challenge and adaptive teaching look like in a Maths classroom? They also learned how to support and extend pupils without prematurely accelerating through the curriculum or limiting pupils’ experiences?  In the afternoon, they looked at how to identify misconceptions in students, find the main reasons behind them, avoid and address them in maths lessons? The trainees enjoyed and learned a lot from the variety of interactive tasks they took part in.

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