Subject Expert Day 1 – Art and Design

Today our Trainee Teachers have been with their Subject Experts, in and around our Partnership, developing their subject knowledge and pedagogy.

Sarah Byatt, our Art & Design Subject Expert and Head of Department at Walton High School in Stafford, kindly sent over a write up of their day.

“Today as part of our Subject Expert Day, along with discussing the Art curriculum and Rational for curriculum choices, the Art Trainees took part in two practical workshops.

The first was about creative journal making and how this may be tailored to suit the teaching of different Key Stages. The Trainees considered different methods, medium and themes to make practical exemplar they can later use in their teaching practice. Two different starting points were explored and students enjoyed putting their own creative slant to the initial brief of Journal Art and Typography. A number of Artists were discussed that can be researched and used with students in the classroom.

The second workshop was based on Print Making and Etching. Trainees looked at the Artist Jemma Gunnings as a starting point to explore print and mark making.

The Trainees were asked to photograph architecture and stairwells around the school grounds and then create etchings from them. We discussed how this task maybe differentiated in the classroom and also the implications of health and safety in such a lesson. Trainees were asked to consider how this may be addressed with students as part of a lesson at different Key Stages.

Students also began to think about creating their own Portfolio boards to take to interview. Building the portfolio will be an ongoing part of Subject Expert day’s throughout the year. Trainees will produce project boards for each workshop, thus building a diverse, multi-disciplined and dynamic Portfolio to take to interview.”

Many thanks to Sarah, along with all of our other amazing Subject Experts, for all of their hard work and dedication in providing these wonderful experiences for our Trainee Teachers.