The OAKS Pre-Phase Primary Experience 2022/23

This week all of our trainees are out and about completing their a Primary School experience.  The purpose of this element of the programme is to enable them to observe the behaviour of younger children and to begin to reflect on how pupils learn whilst exploring the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 focussing on literacy and numeracy and their specialism (if this is studied in Key Stage 2).

Additionally, the students will begin to examine issues relating to transition into high school in general and within their specialism.  This week will also provide opportunities for them to support classroom teachers and, under the supervision and direction of the classroom teacher, to work with small groups or individual pupils.  Trainees are also encouraged to undertake further time to consider Primary issues during the year, if possible.

We’d like to thank all of the schools/academies and their staff for the organisation and logistics for this week and for allowing this experience to take place.

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